Why you need to use the SSS mortgage Condonation system

Why you need to use the SSS mortgage Condonation system

Once the SSS offers a Loan Condonation regimen along with a current or overdue financing with the SSS, you should benefit from it.

Why? Because it will allow you to shell out the loan much simpler.

Using the SSS mortgage Condonation regimen, their charges would be waived. You are going to understand exactly how useful this program is especially for those who have a lengthy delinquent financing.

To provide you with an example, a wage mortgage amounting to P20,000 in 2005 with not come paid since that time possess ballooned to P67,528.78 after 11 many years.

To-break they straight down, P18,485.58 got the main mortgage and/or web http://www.yourloansllc.com/payday-loans-mi/ amount your SSS associate gotten when she got out of the financing; P17,499.84 was the sum of the financing curiosity about 11 many years; and P31,543.36 had been the quantity of punishment for not paying the loan in 11 many years.

SSS Loan Interest

The SSS wages mortgage interest are 10per cent per year until they’s completely settled based on decreasing major balances. The amortization years is finished a period of a couple of years.

If the financing isn’t fully paid after the expression or after two years, the attention will continue to be energized in the outstanding principal balance until it’s paid totally.

Effectation of SSS financing Condonation Program into the Outstanding financing balances

Whenever the SSS representative applied for SSS financing Condonation Program just last year, and this is known as the mortgage Restructuring plan (LRP), the woman financing stability went down from P67,528.78 to P35,985.42.

Just how did that take place?

Really, they’s easy. The penalty happens to be waived or it actually was subtracted from full mortgage balances.

She protected almost 50 % of the woman mortgage balance considering the SSS financing Condonation regimen. Exactly what a giant assistance, had beenn’t they?

This is often the key reason why you will want to take advantage of the SSS financing Condonation Program whenever the SSS provides they.

Regrettably though, they don’t offer it annually. The final opportunity it actually was offered got from April 2016 to April 2017 while the SSS has not revealed but about when this program will likely be offered once again.

In addition, when you take advantage of the SSS Loan Condonation system, be sure that you pay it regarding assented schedule or cost terminology. If you didn’t spend it, their punishment are not waived and you’ll need to pay it alongside the principal amount borrowed and interest.

And the unfortunate role is, you simply can’t acquire any potential financing condonation regimen for those who have already availed of it as soon as.

Thinking about pay their SSS Loan?

The SSS produces benefits to its users in addition to their beneficiaries. For those who have delinquent earnings loan, it will be deducted when you state vomiting, maternity, death, your retirement, or complete disability advantages.

Within our example above, the affiliate compensated the lady overdue financing with the aid of the SSS mortgage Condonation regimen because she’s going to feel retiring the following year and she didn’t wish the woman mortgage to hurt or be deducted from the woman monthly pension.

Additionally, once you have compensated at the very least 50per cent associated with initial loan amount as well as least 50per cent of financing phrase possess lapsed, you’ll restore or reapply for SSS income mortgage.


For those who have overdue mortgage making use of SSS and you haven’t availed of any mortgage condonation or loan restructuring regimen previously, only loose time waiting for SSS’ announcement to their next loan condonation program to spend your loan a lot easier.

We will furthermore mention it only at SSS Answers the moment the subsequent SSS mortgage Condonation Program is already offered.

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